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Bountiful Fruit History and Overview

Bountiful Fruit History and Overview

Fruit Online

The World Wide Web is responsible for creating many wonderful things. Amongst its many creations is Bountiful Fruit. Its an online gift fruit store that provides consumers with beautiful, well packaged gift baskets made of premium, quality fruits. Their physical base location is in Washington. The city of Wenatchee has orchards there that produce nectarines, peaches, cherries, apples and pears.

The store was created of course not only by the internet, but rather by a company named Stemilt Growers, Inc. This company has been in the business of growing tree fruit for almost 100 years to date. Indeed, it is definitely a safe bet for growing bountiful fruit. If you are looking for fruit, Bountiful Fruit Company may very well be the place to go.

Relatively New

Although the company of Stemilt Growers, Inc. has been doing what they do best for almost 100 years, Bountiful Fruit is relatively new. They were started officially in 2005. The main goal and purpose of Bountiful Fruit is to provide anyone with access to purchasing fresh fruit right from the orchards. The best way to ensure quality with gift fruit is to get it right off the tree. This company provides that service.

Stemilt has humble roots, of which Bountiful Fruit has stemmed out of. There is a need for ripe, quality, delicious gift fruit to be available to those who want healthy and unique gifts for friends and families. Bountiful Fruit has stepped up to take care of that need. With sincere gifts made of fruit straight from the orchards, your recipient will no doubt be as pleased as you are.

The Personal Touch

Bountiful Fruit does not buy other fruits from other companies only to turn around and sell them again. They only sell what they grow. This

Jul 24

Why You Should Include Fruit & Veg In Your Diet

Fruit and Vegetables are always being talked about as important foods that we must eat every day. Im sure you all have someone that says to you Have you had your 5 a day? But do you know what the reasoning is behind it? Do you know how eating fruit and vegetables can improve your lifestyle? No? Well here are some reasons why you should include fruit and vegetables in your diet:

1)They are rich in vitamins
It is recommended by nutritionists that we should all be taking in 3-4 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables every day. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are some of the vitamins that fruit and vegetables include. Remember, our bodies need these vitamins to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2)They are Natural
Fruit and vegetables, especially if they are organic, are 100% natural and are a great source for nutrition intake. As long as they are grown properly and contain no preservatives means that they are completely natural.

3)Helps to control body weight
All year round, especially when leading up to holidays, everyone becomes obsessed with the way that they look and try to control the amount of weight they are putting on/losing. One of the most effective ways to do this is by having the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables a day and reduce the amount of fatty products you are eating. By replacing snacks such as chocolate bars and sweets with fruit or veg will help to ensure you lose the pounds quickly and see fabulous results. As well as looking good, it is also a much healthier diet and will decrease your chances of becoming ill. Head down to your local supermarket where there are a variety of fun

Jul 22

The Wonders Of The Grapefruit Juice Diet

Grapefruit juice diets are always a little difficult to do when you start off with it but the pleasure of loosing 52 pounds in just two and a half month surely makes it worth the effort. This is one of the greatest benefits of Grapefruit juice diet.

You’ll include in your grape fruit juice diet eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice along with two eggs and two slices of bacon. It is very important that you also drink at least eight ounces of water a day for this to be successful. With the grapefruit juice diet you don’t have to starve yourself; you should eat your meal until you are full. The best combination of food is bacon and salad as this burns the fat and if you leave out those items of food, the diet won’t work.

One should refrain from eating desserts, bread and white vegetables or sweet potato while doing the grapefruit juice diet. But you can have double or triple servings of meat, salad or vegetables if you are hungry.

Lunch time on the grapefruit juice diet consists of 8 ounces of grapefruit juice (unsweetened), salad, and vegetables cooked in butter if you wish. You can eat all the meat your heart desires.

The best part about grapefruit juice diet is that the amount of food listed is the minimum amount that you should consume; you can eat as much as you want and to your hearts content. It is important to take all the items mentioned and can’t eliminate anything from the diet.

The grapefruit juice diet works because of its burning process of the fat. That is why it is important to stick to the recommended amount of juice per day. Coffee should be reduced while on the grapefruit juice diet because it affects

Jul 21

Who Else Wants To Know How To Juice Wheatgrass

The topic of how to juice wheatgrass is a very popular one and there are countless articles and products available to make your life easier when it comes to squeezing juice out of this wondrous plant.

Wheatgrass is definitely not a fad, its popularity is gaining momentum every day since more and more health conscious people are starting to turn to healthy live foods and healthy lifestyle choices.

These days we are bombarded from all sides with various toxins. The air is polluted with various fumes and toxic particles, water is unsuitable to drink and the junk food rule has taken its toll on our bodies.

This is where wheatgrass steps in. Among various other nutrients, wheatgrass contains a substance called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll content in wheatgrass is somewhere around 70-80%. It helps build blood and strengthens the immune-system but the thing that it does magnificently is detoxify our body.

To learn how to juice wheatgrass properly, you should forget about high speed grinders and blenders because they ruin the chlorophyll by oxidizing it due to the fast spinning of the knives.

What you need is a masticating juicer. These utilize augers or gears to masticate through the produce slowly and methodically. This way you get more juice, less pulp, more live enzymes and other nutrients.

There are electric and manual wheatgrass juicers, and you should opt for either one according to your needs and preferences.

You can also juice wheatgrass using mortar and pestle. With just a little effort you will be able to make the best, most nutritious wheatgrass juice there is.

Before you learn how to juice wheatgrass the right way, you must prepare wheatgrass. Take a pair of scissors and chop the wheatgrass two inches of the soil. Rinse

Jul 21

Can Diabetes Patients Eat Fruits – Fact Uncovered

Many diabetics carry a wrong notion that fruits can cause a spike in the blood sugar levels. On the contrary, fruits are stuffed with essential vitamins, natural fiber, minerals and anti-oxidants that are very essential for the body. Total avoidance of fruits may invite some other undesirable health complications.

Fruits contain sugars like sucrose, fructose and other forms of carbohydrates. Fruits are equally important for diabetes patients, but they should be cautious in selecting the right kind of fruits and the right proportion. Fruits with high sucrose and fructose content demand more insulin production from the body for the metabolism. Insulin production is impaired in case of the diabetics, so they must avoid such type of fruits or take in small amounts.

Fruits beneficial for Diabetics

Fruits rich in fiber and with low glycemic index (GI) are ideal for the Diabetics. The amount of fibers present in these fruits results in slowing down of the metabolic processes, and therefore prevents the shooting up of blood sugar levels.

1. The fruit Avocado is not only rich in fiber, but it also contains high level of mono saturated fats, which is essential for the healthy cardio-vascular system. Diabetics tend to develop cardio- vascular diseases. Including avocado in the diet reduces the risk of heart ailments and also improves the glycemic index.

2. Fruits rich in fructose do not require insulin for metabolism, and so the diabetes patients can enjoy such fruits like guavas, pears, mangoes and apples, which have a fructose to glucose ratios more than 2.

3. Citrus fruits are beneficial for diabetics as they boost the immunity system, and also help in proper functioning of the pancreas. Guava, Indian gooseberry, grapes etc. are some fruits recommended for the diabetics.

4. Nuts are rich in fiber, with low glycemic index

Jul 20

Xanthones In The Mangosteen Fruit

A wonderful compound found specifically in mangosteen fruit Xanthones (said zan-thones) are polyphenolic compound sets that are wonderful antioxidants. If you’re not familiar with antioxidants then you might want to get a quick over view of exactly what it is they do, for now we’ll go a head break down the benefits of Xanthones in Mangosteen fruit.

Xanthones: A Miracle Antioxidant?

Better then most other known types of antioxidants xanthones in mangosteen are said to help slow the aging process of the bodies cells. Folk/Natural medicine also states that the xanthones in mangosteen are very effective at treating numerous ailments and diseases, along with preventing them from occurring at all. Recently medical studies have also proven that there is definitely benefits to these antioxidants and the effect they have on the human body.

Used for centuries in Southeast Asia the mangosteen fruit cured a variety of diseases and ailments. In the western world mangosteens have already exhibited anti fungal an antibacterial properties, and they appear through Xanthones to help strengthen our immune system. This could be wonderful news for those suffering from immune deficiency problems such as HIV.

Xanthones in mangosteen fruit also aid with blood circulation, and help dilate blood vessels. This allows more blood to flow through them, and an over all increased blood flow. For people with poor circulation such as those with diabetes this is good news to naturally help increase blood flow through the body.

Other positive health benefits that xanothones have been credited with curing are: fatigue, depression, eczema, gum disease, pain, obesity, and vertigo. There have also been claims that mangosteen has help slow the progress of Parkinson’s, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s.

Some research on the benefits of xanthones in mangosteen fruit appear to be very promising. Just for the simple anti-viral properties it

Jul 20

Do The Le Vive Juice Really Work

There no doubt that Ardyss International is a spectacular company that have an awesome line of products. The one question that everybody would like to know, do the Le vive juice really work? Le vive has five of the most significant antioxidant ingredients which some often call it superfruits. Le vive consists of acai berry, goji berry, noni fruit, mangosteen fruit and pomoegranate. Le vive juice berries are a gift of nature that has been consumed for its overall health and fitness benefits. Le vive is an all nature drink that has no added sugar, no high fructose, corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavors. Le vive juice is known to help fight various diseases and because the le vive juice is a completely organic herbal product, Naturally there are no side effects arising out of it. Le vive is safe and healthy for the whole entire family even children and pregnant women.

Who should take Le vive: If your always worried about your health I think this is an awesome drink to take for you and the family, Le vive is a healthy drink that kills bacteria and fungus. If Your a worker that works 12 or later hour shifts and your always are tired, Le vive is a perfect drink that gives energy without the crash. Le vive is also for those who have Very bad Arthritis pain, Le vive kills the pain instantly and makes it feel like there never was arthritis.

The Benefits of taking Le vive: There are tons of Benefits for taking Le vive, Le vive helps reduce stress and depression, controls high blood pressure and diabetes. Le vive prevent degenerative conditions, like Cancer!! Le vive increases energy levels, prevent strokes and heart attacks it also decrease choleserol levels. Le vive eliminate atherosclerosis

Jul 19

Is Noni Juice A Scam or Reality

Health and fitness enthusiasts often go for health supplements and products that would help them in getting the best results to develop a lean and trim body. One of the latest heath elixirs that claim to support transition in the physical status of the user is Noni Juice.

Attractive Publicity

Providers of Noni Juice have taken substantial pains to make huge publicity of the product and some of the ads are quite attractive. Obviously, this is one of the ploys of the providers to neutralize the negative impact of the steep price of the product.

Claim of the Providers

Providers claim and write on the label about the benefits of using Noni Juice. Arguments in support of the providers are that

– Polynesians have used the product for centuries;

– It can help mind healing, and improving the status of body and spirit; and

– Have several other health benefits like fat burning and weight loss.

Disagreement of FDA

While the providers of Noni Juice claim that it has got various health benefits and in support advance some statements by the doctors in this regard, it is quite clear that the statement and contentions are not approved by FDA. Therefore, the claims cannot be accepted on their face values despite all the publicity hikes by the providers.

Facts and Myths

Websites that are promoting the product claim that it can cure everything that includes cold as well as cancer. Despite FDA not approving the claims the Federal Trade Commission has not shut down the product and its marketing. Yet many things that are told about the product are myths rather than truth.

Marking of Bad Medicines

Some of the markings of bad medicines in the product are

– Outrageous claims regarding health benefits for

Jul 17

Exquisite Fruit Dip Delights

Fresh ripe fruits in themselves by no means fail to delight the taste buds. And so they?e healthy besides. But if fresh fruit lovers have not dipped their fruit slices in some culinary concoctions that heighten the gustatory expertise, they?e lacking a lot. Here? a number of fruit dip recipes that by no means fail to entice and bring the fruit consuming habit to larger culinary delights.

Fruity Fruit Dip


– 2 jars (7 ounce packs) marshmallow cream

– 2 packs (8 ounces) plain but preferably fruit flavored cream cheese

– 1 small (eight ounces) pack Cool Whip

Soften the cream cheese, then blend with the marshmallow cream. Fold the mix in Cool Whip and let it c hill.

Orange Zip Fruit Dip Recipe


– 1 cup marshmallow cream

– 1 pack (8 ounces) cream cheese

– 1 finely grated orange peel

Soften cream cheese then combine with all elements with a hand or electrical mixer. Let it chill.

Apricot Coconut Fruit Dip


– 1 cup bitter cream

– 2 tablespoon of apricot preserves

– ? cup coconut shredded

– ? cup pecans chopped

Mix all elements in an enormous bowl ideally with hand mixer. Then let it chill.

Strawberry Fruit Dip


– 1 cup vanilla yoghurt

– ? cup cream cheese

– 2 cups frozen or contemporary strawberries

Mix all elements in a blender until smooth. This a favorite amongst kids.

Any Taste Fruit Dip


– 2 cups sour cream

– 1 cup Swiss Type yogurt of any fruit flavour, your choice.

– ? pack (small box ?3.5 oz) immediate vanilla pudding dry mix

Mix all substances in stir well in a big bowl. You may have as many utilizing all the various

Jul 14

Reasons You Need to Try Acai Berry Juice

Because Oprah Says So

Recently Dr. Perrisone appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and named the Amazon Acai berry his #1 super food. If Oprah thinks it’s good for you then it must be true!

2. It Can Help Fight Cancer

A study conducted at the University of Florida discovered that the Amazon Acai berry was able to cause a self destruct response in many cancer cells. While research in this area is still at the beginning stage, many scientists are excited about the cancer fighting properties of Acai.

3. It Gives You More Energy

Brazilian surfers have been using Acai for years to give them an edge in competitions. Acai berry juice can give you a boost of energy that is as strong as, and longer lasting than coffee. If you are looking for a pick-me-up Acai is a much healthier option than caffeine based drinks.

4. Improves Vision

The Amazon Acai berry contains anthocyanins, which is an antioxidant that has been found to improve eyesight. It is especially helpful in improving night vision.

5. It Tastes Delicious

How many health foods can you really say this about? It’s not very often that you find a food packed so full of health benefits that actually tastes good. It tastes like a mixture of chocolate and berries, so you can even give it to your kids and they will think its desert!

6. Improves Mood and Memory

The Amazon Acai berry contains high levels of essential fatty acids, which studies have shown to fight depression and increase general brain functions. The list of benefits just keeps getting better. So I just drink this juice and I can fight off cancer, have more energy, improve my mood, and it makes me smarter. Where do I sign up?

7. Reduces Cholesterol

Omega fatty acids have also been shown to help improve cholesterol problems. Omega-3 has

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